Loita hills – Cultural adventure hike

The Loita Hills are in the Southern Rift Valley. It is certainly one of Kenya’s last frontiers of unspoiled wilderness. Stretching from Maji Moto near northern-end to Entasopia at the base of the Nguruman Escarpment to the south. This mountain range is home to one of the few un-gazetted forests in Kenya. The local Maasai community has perfectly managed it. This covers a vast area through a Savannah, tropical forest with breath-taking landscapes. It is a habitat of a wide range of wildlife and a dazzling array of wildflowers and indigenous plants.

Natural heritage.                                           

Loita Hills offers some of the best hiking trails in Kenya at altitudes of over 2100m above sea level, with panoramic views of distant mountains and lakes from various vantage points. The “Sacred Forest” filled with cedar, podo and strangler figs, waterfalls, and spectacular birdlife. Furthermore, the area is inaccessible to vehicles hence it has maintained relatively untouched wilderness. Colobus monkeys roam the tree-tops while you’ll also likely to encounter elephants, buffalo, baboon, bushbuck, bush pig, leopard, and hyena. Your private guided hiking safari features a route custom-tailored to your physical abilities and interests. It’s an adventure to thrill even the most seasoned hikers.

Cultural experience.                                                                                     

At the end of the trip, you will have learned a few tricks of survival. Seen exhibitions and try your own hand at throwing spears and shooting arrows, practising battle by throwing natural sisal at other “warriors in training”, making red ochre for marking your skin with natural stones and leaves. Learned how to make fire from rubbing a stick and a wood and removing cow blood for drinking without killing. Enjoy traditional dancing, goat slaughter, and other traditional activities of the Maasai.  A visit to Maasai boma or homestead to be introduced to the daily routine work of the women and life of the children. There will be time for sitting in the shade and making the famous coloured beadwork jewellery – necklaces, earrings, bracelets – and if they don’t come up to professional standards, you can buy beautifully crafted jewellery from the women of the village as souvenirs.

Options are of course many and varied and in many cases, we can be flexible about the itinerary for accommodation facilities and the extension of the safari destinations.

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