Nairobi National Musuem

Prehistory East Africa and Uganda Natural History Society were founded in 1910 – 11 by persons with an interest in nature in British East Africa. The group included, first of all, two canons of the Church Missionary Society: The Rev. Harry Leakey (father of Louis Leakey) and The Rev. Kenneth St. Aubyn Rogers; furthermore some government officials: C. W. Hobley and John Ainsworth, doctors, dentists, big-game hunters and plantation owners.

In 1911 they established the Natural History Museum and library with an honorary curator. Aladina Visram put up the money for a one-storey, two-room building. In 1914 they could afford a paid curator. However, they brought in Arthur Loveridge, a herpetologist, who arrived in March 1914. Loveridge concentrated on collections, with the members volunteering to contribute specimens, labour and funds. They also ran the museum while Loveridge fought for the British in German East Africa. He returned briefly before relocating to America, where he eventually became a Harvard University professor.

On October 15th 2005, the Nairobi Museum closed its doors to the public for an extensive modernization and expansion project. As a result, the outcome was an impressive and magnificent piece of architecture that puts it in competition with other world-class museums. The museum later re-opened in June 2008 as the Nairobi National Museum and continues to draw visitors from all walks of life in appreciation of Kenya’s rich heritage.

The artworks and materials used in the fabrication of outdoor sculptures, the landscaping and the botanic gardens, link to the four pillars of Kenya’s national heritage i.e. nature, culture, history and contemporary art.

In addition to offering visitor’s with Kenya’s rich heritage, the museum is also well known as a unique events venue, for the appreciation of Kenya’s heritage amidst workshops, cocktails, conferences and other functions.


Art Gallery

Temporary Exhibitions

Botanical Gardens and Nature Trail

Shopping and dining facilities

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