Nairobi National Park

Nairobi national park is only 15-20 minutes from the centre of town. You can go and confidently expect to see lions and rhinos, and much more, in the wild. The national park is 120 km² teeming with game and contains almost everything you might see in bigger and more remote parks, except elephants. In fact, it is the best place in Kenya, if not the whole of Africa, to see Black rhinos in the wild. Well over one hundred species of mammals mainly plains game have been recorded in this park. The big five are represented except the elephant. A unique feature of the national park is the closeness of wildlife in their natural habitat.

This is a great destination, especially for families who wish to just have a fun and exciting time together. You and your loved ones will definitely enjoy seeing the various attractions in this park. Visit this unique sanctuary, just a few kilometres from Nairobi bustling City Centre. Despite its proximity, lots of animal species can be sighted. The four of the big five, a variety of wildlife lies and roams freely in this unique park. It covers an area of 44 square miles. Nairobi national park is the oldest of Kenya’s National parks and game reserves. It was gazetted in December 1946. The game sanctuary is a glorious stretch of Savannah that is set against the dramatic skyline of Nairobi, the Capital City. Its main entrances are merely a stone’s throw from the outskirts of the city, thus making Nairobi the only City in the world that borders a natural game protection area. The chief attraction here is the African lion.

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