Nairobi shopping tour

Nairobi Shopping tour entails shopping for all sorts of goods from vendors, kiosks, boutiques, small shops, department stores, and malls. The city market on Muindi Mbingu Street has a good range of items from souvenir kiondo (colorful woven sisal bags), jewelry, wood, and soapstone carvings to everyday goods like meat, fish, and fruits.

The Masai Market gives you the opportunity to buy authentic African art, hand- crafted beaded jewelry and clothing as souvenirs, gifts and even decorating material you could use for your home. At very affordable prices, you can purchase as many products as possible and at the same time promote local handicraft businesses. 

Maasai market (which is an informal market) offers beaded jewelry, gourds, baskets, and other Maasai crafts. More upscale handicrafts, artwork, and jewelry from all over Africa can be found at the African Heritage Center on Kenyatta Avenue.

The appropriately named Biashara (Business) Street is the core of downtown Nairobi ‘ s shopping district; it is made up of endless small shops and cafes. In the Langata area, the Ostrich Park has a craft center with an artisan’s workshop where passersby can see items being made and enjoy a nice cafe.

The Yaya and Sarit Centers are well-known shopping malls located outside of the city center. Uchumi supermarkets, located throughout Nairobi, cater to grocery shopping needs, as do stalls that sell fresh vegetables, fruits, and meat.

Maasai Markets in Nairobi

Maasai Markets in Nairobi were started by Maasai women who wanted to sell directly to visitors. Maasai Markets have blossomed over the years.

For a wonderful selection of arts and crafts, wooden carvings and bead-work, you can’t go wrong at the Nairobi Maasai Markets. There used to be an open market along slip road, Nairobi. Due to the expansion of the roads, the market was relocated and are held around the city at different venues on different days. (see below)

Not exclusively sold by the “Maasai” these vibrant, colorful markets sell mainly tourist fare ranging from wooden sculptures, beaded necklaces, batik wall hangings, shoes, soap stone carvings, sisal bags, kikois, textiles and a whole host of other exciting goods. All Maasai Markets items are Kenyan and the range of goods on offer is impressive.

The nice thing about buying items from these markets is that sometimes (but not always) you are dealing with the actual people who make the craft items.

You can see ladies threading beads and making jewelry right in front of you, and if you talk to the traders it’s easy to find people who are selling their own sculptures or craft items.

Haggling is expected and if you like this you’re in for a treat! Maasai Markets rule is generally to offer between half and two thirds of the initial price and carry on from there….!

Maasai Market Open Days Schedule in Nairobi




No market on this day.


Prestige Plaza along Ngong Road and Kijabe Street Park next to Nairobi River


Capital Center along Mombasa rd


The Junction Mall & along Ngong road


The Village market along Limuru road & Lavington Mall


The High court parking in the city Center opposite Re-Insurance Plaza & Prestige Plaza along Ngong road


Yaya Center along Valley Road in Hurlingham

Utamaduni Craft Centre & Verandah Restaurant

Arts/ Crafts Shopping Centre

Bogani East Road off Langata Nairobi, Kenya(Utamaduni Crafts Centre (Meaning Culture, Tradition, Folklore) is located on Bogani East Road between Ostrich Park and Giraffe Centre in Langata open from 10am-6pm daily. Utamaduni Crafts Centre is situated 25 Minutes away from the City Centre. There are about eighteen individual Craft Shops in one large house offering a wealth of Kenyan Culture)

Utamaduni Craft Centre encompasses the best of African Art and crafts and supports craftsmen from all over Kenya. Utamaduni Craft Centre has a good selection of goods and the prices are fixed. Utamaduni Craft Centre in Nairobi is the best place to buy souvenirs and all the things that you’ll find at the “souvenir shops” on the highways and byways can be found in one place. Good quality, too.

No bartering. And no disappointments. The centre offers antiques, wood carvings, bronze items, and jewelry of the highest quality. Utamaduni means “cultural heritage” and is a converted house containing (about 18) arts and crafts shops including:

* Kisii Soapstone

* African Fabrics

* Men’s Boutique

* Beaded Glassware

* An African coffee table book shop

* Antique African silver & gold jewelry

* Maasai design shop offering Maasai Items
* Crafts made by ex-Nairobi street children

* A variety of beautiful Kenyan Kiondos (Baskets)

Utamaduni Craft Centre

Utamaduni Craft Centre has a children’s shop which stocks fantastic toys and also a safari shop that can completely out the traveler for the bush or coastal shop for the beach with a large array of Khangas and Kikoys.

There is also a furniture store which displays Lamu furniture and a fabric shop stocks clothing and accessories made from West African fabrics.

Utamaduni Craft Centre has a tiny shop where you can purchase postcards and African music. A percentage of the profits go to Kenya Wildlife Services as the center was created by Dr. Leakey, former Director of the Kenya Wildlife Services.

There is a small cafe on site where guests can enjoy meals while they shop. Open (9.30am – 6.00pm).

Utamaduni “Veranda” Restaurant

The Utamaduni “veranda” Restaurant is situated within the Utamaduni Craft Centre. The Verandah is a relaxed, informal daytime restaurant situated in Nairobi Kenya.

A short drive from the hectic city centre brings you to Nairobi’s country suburbs, home of the Giraffe Centre, Karen Blixen Museum, the Giraffe Manor, and of course, The Verandah. The Restaurant caters to tourists and residents alike, equally popular with both and has inside seating, complete with a fireplace for those chilly Kenyan months.

The restaurant also has open views to the garden where tables are set under an immense fever tree amongst lush foliage and shady umbrellas.

The Menu

Enjoy a quiet country breakfast, a business brunch, a leisurely lunch with friends or a tête-à-tête for afternoon tea. The menu includes breakfast, soups ~ Nairobi’s best Zanzibar soup ~ salads, sandwiches, steaks and fresh costal seafood selections ~ Lemon Lime Cheesecake, all prepared fresh daily in a hearty home-cooked fashion, served with typical Kenyan hospitality.

Utamaduni “veranda” Restaurant garden is host and home to numerous species of birds which flock to feeding trays and water dishes for your lunchtime entertainment.

Indoor “palms’ are the nesting place of several generations of Rufous Sparrows. Seasonally you’ll see fire finch, pin tailed whydah, various weavers, forest oriole, robin chat, indigo birds, sun birds and an elusive pair of paradise fly catchers

Kazuri Beads Factory and Pottery Centre

(Kazuri Bead Factory is located on Mbagathi Ridge, Karen – a stones-throw away from Karen Blixen Museum in Karen. Kazuri Beads is 25 minutes’ drive from the City Centre of Nairobi and the specialize on Hand Made Ceramic Beads, Pottery and Genuine Leather Bags)

Kazuri Beads Factory; Kazuri Beads and pottery Centre produce brightly-colored, handmade ceramic jewellery which are sold all over the world. Kazuri Beads supports literally hundreds of disadvantaged Kenyan women, by providing employment and healthcare services for them and their families.

Kazuri Beads is a popular place for many guests who have just a few hours to spend seeing the sights of Nairobi. The main showroom and workshop is located close to many attractions and tourist venues in the leafy suburbs of Karen.

The workshop is just a stones-throw away from the Karen Blixen Museum (named after Karen Blixen of the award winning film and book ‘Out of Africa’)

Kazuri means “small and beautiful” in Swahili and this describes each and every beautifully handmade ceramic bead which is shaped by hand by the women who work at the Kazuri workshop. The beads are kiln fired once, glazed and then fired again before being strung.

A knowledgeable guide will show you around where you will see the whole process from the molding of raw clay through to the glazing, decorating and threading of beads as finished products. The salesroom is attractively laid out and a beautiful place to visit.

The History of Kazuri Beads:

The company was originally founded by the late Lady Susan Wood in 1975, who created employment for struggling single mothers in the locality. Kazuri is still located in its’ original setting in Karen, and the workshop there now has over 340 local women who are employed, most of them still being single mothers.

Care and welfare of Kazuri employees:

It’s good to know that each piece of jewellery sold from the Kazuri Beads store is in some way helping people who really need it. The Kazuri workshop in Karen is equipped with a clinic, which provides free medical care for the employees.

80% of the medical bills outside the Factory Clinic are also absorbed by Kazuri. In their mission statement Kazuri say that “the greatest contribution we can make is to create employment, especially for the disadvantaged and this remains our guiding philosophy. The result is reflected in the strength of the Kazuri Family and the beauty of our products.”

Kazuri Beads Outlets:

Kazuri have outlets at various places around Nairobi and a worldwide distribution network. They are a fair trade company and you can buy their jewellery online.

In addition to the main sales room and workshop in Karen, retail stores selling Kazuri beads in Nairobi are found in the Westgate Shopping Centre, Viking House (by Westlands roundabout), The Junction Shopping Centre and Capital Centre.

At the coast Kazuri have an outlet at the Diani Shopping Centre at the South Coast of Mombasa. They also have an outlet at Bombululu Workshops ( at the North Coast of Mombasa. The profits from this outlet support their mission of assisting the physically disabled of our society.

Kazuri also support the Kawangware street children project by purchasing paper shopping bags made from recycled paper.

Kazuri Beads Opening Hours:

Kazuri Beads Shop opening hours are as follows:

Sundays 0900 Hours to 1600 Hours

Mondays to Saturdays from 0830 Hours am to 1800 Hours

* Karen Workshop which close Monday to Saturday at 6.00pm and Sundays at 5.00pm

Spinner’s Web Shop Nairobi, Kenya

(Spinner’s Web Store is located on Getathuru {Kitsuru} Gardens, off Peponi Road, Spring Valley, Nairobi. Spinner’s Web Shop is found on Peponi Road which is half way between Westlands and the Village Market in Nairobi Kenya. The store is located 10 minutes’ drive from the City Centre of Nairobi in Westlands area)

Spinner’s & Weavers Web Shop was originally created to provide a showplace for Kenya’s many spinners and weavers. The shop has grown to encompass “the best of Kenya” at every level of handcrafted products.

Because over 200 groups provide their products for sale at Spinner’s Web, the Shop is a must see experience for residents and tourists alike. Spinner’s Web Shop in Nairobi is one of the best places to buy high quality arts and crafts from over 200 vendors — at great prices.

Spinner’s Web Shop is a one-stop shop for anything and everything to do with the following: Art, Furnishings, Clothing, Jewelry, Home Decor, Wall Hangings, Pottery…and much, much more!

Spinner’s Web Shop is the exclusive outlet of Kenya Weaverbird Ltd., which makes beautiful hand-woven, custom-dyed pure wool or cotton fabric for curtains, upholstery, bedspreads, carpets, cushions, wall hangings and clothing.

Spinner’s Web Shop consists of a vast and very impressive array of Kenyan Arts and Crafts producers including Mat Bronze, Kenya Weaverbird, Niro Collection, UniquEco Designs etc.

The Spinners Web shop sells all sorts of locally made arts and crafts; from beautiful rugs, wooden cravings, hand thrown pottery, craft type jewelry, knitted items, woven items and just about anything else a discerning tourist/expatriate might want to buy.

The shop is found on Peponi Road which is half way between Westlands and the Village Market. Spinners Web shop location is easy to find and makes a peaceful retreat from the shopping Malls and Craft Markets.

It’s definitely somewhere worth visiting if you want locally made handicrafts but can’t face haggling and dealing with congested, busy craft markets… (All the prices are fixed price”

Robert Glen Gallery Nairobi Langata, Kenya

(Robert Glen Gallery is located on number 14 Mutamaiyu Road Langata, Nairobi – Kenya. The Gallery is a 25minutes drive from Nairobi’s City Centre. This gallery in Langata shows Robert’s latest works in Bronze sculptures of wildlife, birds and people. World renowned sculptor, Robert Glen lives in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania where he sculpts the wildlife, birds and the people living around him. Robert Glen Gallery is open every day by appointment)

Robert Glen Gallery offers limited edition of bronze sculptures of Animals, birds, People and Human Culture in Bronze etc which are unique to remind guests of their African holiday Safari.

The Art Gallery is open 7 days a week preferably by appointment. African Spice Safaris provides tours and transport to the Gallery for guests to purchase bronze sculptures.

The Idodi Environmental Center
Beside Ruaha National Park is a small community with few resources and few opportunities. Robert Glen and Sue Stolberger had dreamed of building a center that would benefit the Idodi community since their arrival in Ruaha in 1994.

On October 27, 2007, thanks to the many donations of friends, that dream became a reality with the opening of the Idodi Environmental Center.

The solar powered Center is comprised of a Library, a large hall for showing films and lectures, a display area focusing on the environment and a reception room for the headmaster and the teachers.

The center has already become an indispensable asset to the community and for the school children, the library has become a world of discovery and growth

Marula Studios Shop Karen Nairobi, Kenya

(Marula Studios Shop is located on Marula Lane, off Karen Road, near Karen Country Club, Karen in Nairobi, Kenya. A great little shop full of toys and clothes for kids, many products made with recycled goods, Uniqueco Designs, Safari beads, Kooroo, Hide and Sheep, M.I.A, Saskia’s artwork and much more…Marula also offers holiday activities for kids and a children’s play area. Open Monday – Saturday, 8.30am to 5pm)

Marula Studios Shop Karen Nairobi is located in the Nairobi suburb of Karen and combines a flip flop recycling project with a boutique, cafe and children’s programs.

The boutique displays house wares, jewelry and objects from the recycling workshop as well as fashions and ceramics from local artisan communities. On weekends, children’s activities and fairs turn the compound into a lively family gathering place.

Marula Studios is situated close to the former home of the late Sir Jock Delves Broughton and Diana Delamere (of “White Mischief” notoriety) in the historic and tranquil Nairobi suburb of Karen. Selling a wide range of chiefly Kenyan-designed-and-produced items, Marula Studios places a strong emphasis on organic, ethical and eco-friendly products,

Marula Studios also has an on-site company; Unique Eco-Designs, which makes amazing creations from recycled flip flops. Take a guided tour of the UniquEco workshop, then have a stroll round the peaceful gardens and explore the shop.

You can find the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one from the extensive collection of designer goods on offer; brands include Bakuli Blue (pottery and home ware); Bella Matata, Mikono Knits and Lalesso (funky and unique African-influenced clothing); Annabelle Thom and Linda Camm (elegant beaded leather-ware including belts, bags, shoes, sandals and cushions).

Others include Masai Treads (flip flops. and sandals based on the infamous Masai “10,000-milers”); Project Kite (bags, wallets and flip flops. manufactured from recycled kite surf canopies); Sandstorm Kenya (classic canvas and leather safari luggage and bags); Niro Collection (colorful carved soapstone gifts) and the inimitable Havaiana flip flops for the beach.

Marula Studios also stock a wide range of hand-made greeting cards and art produced by local artists and women’s groups from the Kibera slums. On the upper floor you will find Karen’s best-kept beauty secret: Bliss Beauty Salon. Bliss offers relaxing hot stone treatments, massages, pedicures, manicures and waxing, all in the hands of its well-qualified and experienced therapists.

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 9am – 5:30pm , Saturday: 9am – 5pm. Workshop is Closed on Sundays but the shop is open.

Collectors Den Store — Objects of Fine African Art The Store specializes in Crystal & Engraved Glass products and Exclusive African handicrafts made from wood which includes Carved Animals, Salad Set Items, Ebony Crafts, Beaded Items, Soapstone. Collection and items made from Bone. Each item is designed and is made by hand by indigenous people of Kenya. Tanzanite, Tsavorite gem stones are also available.  

Jigsaw Designs (Lower ground Floor, Sarit Centre, Westlands) This has a range of innovative wrought-ironwork for contemporary homes — ranging from four—poster beds to zebra-screen fire guards and stylish furniture incorporating sea grass, bone, wood, glass and ceramics.

Collectors Den Store — Objects of Fine African Art The Store specializes in Crystal & Engraved Glass products and Exclusive African handicrafts made from wood which includes Carved Animals, Salad Set Items, Ebony Crafts, Beaded Items, Soapstone. Collection and items made from Bone. Each item is designed and is made by hand by indigenous people of Kenya. Tanzanite, Tsavorite gem stones are also available.  

Banana Box ( Located at Sarit Centre)

The shop has sourced a variety of quality crafts, often from small self-help groups, with interesting designs — ideal for presents as they’re beautifully packaged.  

Gemini Desai Nairobi. Jeweler Gemini Desai designs necklaces and other treasures with ancient trade beads, both precious and fun, from around the world. Gemini’s Jewelry, an exquisite selection of unique, hand-crafted jewelry crafted from exotic beads by Gemini Desai

Gallery Watatu (City Centre, Lonhro House, Standard Street)

In many ways, this is the antithesis of Paa ya Paa, although it too specializes in contemporary African art. It’s a formal gallery with a well—lit exhibition space, and is a regular showcase for art in different media — sculpture, paintings, screen prints and etchings — with monthly exhibitions.  

Twendelee Handicrafts Shop (Lavington Church, Muthangari Road)

This shop supports the Twendelee Women’s Self-help Project. Twendelee means ‘let us develop’ in Swahili, and the women have focused on knitting, although they also weave, crochet, sew and do beadwork. They have exquisite jumpers and colorful mats in interesting designs for sale.

The Village Market Nairobi. The Village Market is East Africa’s premier Shopping and Recreation complex, featuring over 150 retail outlets, world-class open air food court, a Masai-themed craft market plus fun and entertainment spots for the whole family. The Village Market is located in the Gigiri residential area which is about 6 miles from Nairobi city center on Limuru Road. The complex is designed to resemble an open-air African market, including waterfalls, rivers, plants and gardens.

Kiko Romeo (Westlands)

A leading Kenyan fashion house with well-made, locally designed, modem clothes in traditional fabrics.

Nakumatt Supermarkets (Any Branch in Nairobi)

The principal supermarket chain in Nairobi and Kenya as a whole, Nakumatt invariably has a huge selection of Kenyan and Western foods and other products. The brand-new Lifestyle store spreads over several floors, with departments stocking all kinds of useful household and outdoor goods. 

Zanzibar Curio Shop (York House, Ground Floor, Moi Avenue)

Established in 1936 batiks, Jewelry, Safari Wear, Sisal Baskets, Ebony, Wood, Soapstone Carvings, Brass and Copper-ware, African semi-precious stones.

Nairobi City Market (Muindi Mbingu Street)

Bargaining is a sport at the stalls scattered throughout the City Market. This sprawling complex, which was originally an aircraft hangar, offers curios and other souvenirs as well as food vendors.