Ostrich Farm

Masai Ostrich Farm Resort Hotel 

Located 45km from Nairobi on Athi River/ Kitengela plains. Masai Ostrich Farm is a good 30 minutes from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and one and a half hours from the Namanga/Tanzania border.

Set in 200 acres of rolling grasslands, the ostrich farm supplies Kenya and overseas countries with meat, feathers, skins, and livestock since 1991. The number of guests at any one time would be 35 guests.

The outside barbeque or locally known “Mbuni Choma Ranch” area has become a great favourite with many guests who have a choice of dining either inside the cool Makuti roofed hut which is very spacious or out by the poolside under the trees.

Masai Ostrich Farm Resort Hotel spatiality is Char-grilled Ostrich meat (famously known for its low cholesterol) grilled or fried to your preferred taste. A continental buffet is also available for groups of over 15 guests.

All Masai Ostrich Farm Resort Hotel spacious 24 luxury cottage, double rooms and 5 exclusive rooms including the royal suite are all en-suite, tasteful and private. The resort surrounded by beautiful gardens has become a haven of peace for travel-weary guests. Masai Ostrich Farm Resort Hotel is an ideal spot for family outings. The resort offers a fully-fledged swimming pool, tennis court, and a sauna.

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