Rwenzori Mountains

Rwenzori, the mountains of the moon.

Rwenzori previously called the “Ruwenzori Range”. It is located on the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). These mountains support glaciers and snow. Hence one source of the river Nile. The range is about 120km long and 65 km wide. It consists of six massifs separated by deep gorges. In descending order they are; Mount Stanley at 5,109m, Mount Speke at 4,890m, Mount Baker 4,843m, Mount Emin 4,798m, Mount Gessi 4,715m and Mount Luigi di Savoia 4,627m. Mount Stanley has several subsidiary summits, with Margherita Peak being the highest point.

Trekking the mystic Rwenzori Mountains National Park in Uganda is a truly fantastic and unique experience. The wonder of the high glaciers, the beauty of the valley of nine lakes, the bearded lichen hanging from giant heathers with a backdrop of rocky cliffs and lastly crags and snow-capped peaks. The wide variety of flora and fauna with several biospheres as you ascend through different vegetation zones creates the ultimate experience for trekking. Never before has this unique and beautiful trek been available, totally untouched and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful treks in the world.

The Rwenzori Mountains is a World Heritage Site and offers the opportunity to see nature at its best. The plant life varies from the evergreen forest zone ranging up to 2,800m, the bamboo zone ranging between 2,800m and 3,300m, the heather zone ranging between 3,000m to 3,800m, the alpine zone extending from 3,500m to 4,500m, and lastly the nival zone at 4,400m to 5,000m. At higher altitudes, some plants reach an unusually large size, such as lobelia and groundsels. The vegetation in the Rwenzori Mountains is unique to equatorial alpine Africa. Above 4,500 metres the snow and glaciers add that special dimension to the wondrous views throughout this pristine mountain range.

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