Siemen Mountains

The Siemen Mountains are parts of the Ethiopian highlands. They are in northern Ethiopia. The Siemen mountain national park is part of the World Heritage Site. Furthermore, the mountain has plateaus separated by valleys and rising pinnacles. Its peaks include Ras Dejen 4,550m, Mount Bwahit 4,437m, Silki 4,420m and Kidis Yared 4,453m above sea level.

The Siemen Mountains are volcanic in nature. They form a 2,000m escarpment towards the southwest-northeast direction. Due to its topography and human land use, it has resulted in high erosion. The Siemen is unique by being among the few spots in Africa where snow falls.

Despite Siemen ruggedness and altitude, the mountains are dotted with villages linked by tracks. Historically Siemen mountains were inhabited by Ethiopian Jews. As a result of repeated attacks by the zealous Christian Emperors in the 15th century opted into moving to the more defensible Semien Mountains.

The mountain has its share of wildlife. These include Gelada, Walia, Ibex, Caracal and the Ethiopian wolves.

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