Wamba trail  

The hiking trail to Warges peak.

          The trail from Wamba centre to Warges peak starts off in the shadows of the morning sun, as you follow a seasonal riverbed recently chocked by a huge dam constructed not far upstream. Past the dam, it continues following the river course, framed by dry-land bushes adapted to the scorching sun of the area. Soon the vegetation gets more varied as impressive stands candelabra trees reach for the sky lending the landscape an otherworldly appearance. Other unique flora in the area includes the endemic Giant Cynad. Some boulders jutting from the ground also stand out with their brilliant orange or red hues contrasting the predominantly dirty grey rocks all round, if as painted by a painters brush.

          As you get higher, the temperatures drop due to the altitude gain, the forest composition gradually changes to Cedar, Podocarpus and Croton megalocarpus taking over the green canopy. The gradient also gets steeper with rivers in this part having a permanent water flow and steeper banks. The vegetation is lush from increased moisture level and absence of human activities up here save from the honey gatherers.

          Finally, the trees thin out, with massive rocks taking their place as you reach the summit, 2,688m. With a bit of bouldering, you get yourself to the peak of Warges, the highest point of the ranges, six hours from the starting point in Wamba. The round trip to the summit takes about ten (10) hours covering a distance of twenty-five (25km) kilometres depending on the route. The elevation gain is about one thousand one hundred (1,100m) metres. Get back to Wamba centre for dinner and overnight.

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